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  1. until
    The second year running MVA has been invited to partner with Vatsim Saudi Arabia for their Annual Umrah Ops. D7700, MH152 and MH156 are the route schedules for t his event.
  2. MH101_daniel


    © Daniel Counahan MH101

  3. until
    Back by popular demand! Southeast Asian Flightsim Community will be joining this event in with Malaysian Flightsimmers Community, @Vatsim Malaysia vACC and VACC Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos. Route: VVTS NIXIV L643 CN M765 IGARI R208 VKR Y346 PULIP WMKK VVTS Charts & Sceneries: https://vclvacc.net/download/ WMKK Charts: https://vatmy.org/charts/ XP11 WMKK Scenery: https://cloudsurfasia-simulations.com/.../wmkk-airport.../ P3D WMKK Scenery: https://secure.simmarket.com/a_a-sceneries-kuala-lumpur..
  4. MH101_daniel


    © Daniel Counahan MH101

  5. MH101_daniel


    © Daniel Counahan MH101

  6. VATSIM South East Asia Division is proud to present our bi-annual division-scaled event, Light Up South East Asia! Spanning across 13 FIRs, we aim to provide top-down ATC services within each country’s capital. During the 5-hour event, we warmly invite pilots to fly into and out of our focus city to the other capital cities in the division. Our first light-up in 2021 will focus on the city of Jakarta. Join us on 31 July from 1200Z-1700z as we show you our warm hospitality.
  7. until
    Join us in our next adventure, this time to vietnam.
  8. The Annual umrah ops 2021 | arrivals VATSIM Saudi Arabia is proud to host the Annual Umrah Ops 2021 | Arrivals. As the holy month of Ramadan nears, we call on the pilots of VATSIM to yet again transport pilgrims from all around the world to King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah [OEJN], Saudi Arabia. BEgin your flight from anywhere in the world and plan it to arrive at Jeddah [OEJN] between 1630z to 2030z on Friday the 23rd of April. Expect full ATC at Jeddah [OEJN]. Pilots get double hours for flying in this event. Even open to those who can fly long haul only. Sign up here: https://sites.google.com/view/vatsimsa-umrah-ops/home?authuser=0
  9. until
  10. until
    In just a week, one of the best events of VATSEA will be happening !! Come and explore more about the event on https://www.vat-sea.com/lightup !!
  11. Greetings to all MVA Pilots Are you ready for the next event? Let’s fill up the vatsea airspace crossing The Gulf of Thailand from Malaysia to Vietnam on 6th June 2020 from (1300Z - 1600Z) , double hours will be awarded to participants. Charter flights for this event are ready to be bid on! Preferred Routes: WMKK – VVTS: PIBOS R208 IGARI M765 BITOD L637 BITIS VVTS – WMKK: ANHOA L637 BITOD M765 IGARI R208 VKR Y346 PULIP Preferred Cruising Levels (Subjected to flight level availability): WMKK TO VVTS: FL310, FL330, FL350,FL370,FL390,FL410 VVTS TO WMKK: FL300,FL320,FL340,FL360,FL380,FL400 For more details, you can stop by on this website https://vatmy.org/event/city-link-event-ho-chi-minh-kuala-lumpur/ Thanks and have a good day!
  12. Attention To All Pilots In regards of the upcoming event organize by Malaysia vACC and Philippines vACC, We do have special flights which are ready to be bid on ; Kota Kinabalu (WBKK) - Cebu (RPVM) MH8513 MH8514 AK9810 AK9812 OD8130 OD8132 MK6480 Cebu (RPVM) - Kota Kinabalu (WBKK) MH8513 MH8515 AK9812 AK9813 OD8131 OD8133 MK6481 Let's have a great time celebrating the event! For more details , you can stop by on this website https://vatmy.org/event/citypairlink_wbkkrpvm/
  13. until
    If there’s one thing (or more) Kota Kinabalu and Cebu have in common, it’s the beautiful beaches, blue waters, mystical waterfalls and natural attractions. Come and join us departing from Malaysia’s very own Land Below The Wind, home of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia (Mount Kinabalu) to the beautiful city of Cebu in The Philippines! Featured Airports: WBKK – Kota Kinabalu International Airport RPVM – Cebu Mactan International Airport Preferred Routes: WBKK – RPVM: OSANU M646 PR W291 Z151 TADAG (Expect Kinabalu Radar Two Departure) RPVM – WBKK: ALDIN G578 ZAM A341 TOMUD Preferred Cruising Levels: WBKK TO RPVM: FL310, FL330, FL350,FL370,FL390 RPVM TO WBKK: FL300,FL320,FL340,FL360,FL380 Preferred Sceneries: WBKK [FSX Freeware] Click it Here [P3DV4 Freeware] TBA! [P3DV4/FSX/FS9 Payware] MFSG WBKK [XP11 Freeware] X-Plane Forum RPVM [FS9/FSX/P3DV4 Freeware] Visayas Sceneries [XP11 Freeware] X-Plane Forum Aeronautical Charts: WBKK RPVM Remarks: 1. All flights and ATC services in Malaysian FIRs will be conducted under the VATSIM & MYvACC regulations. Conflicts will be handled as per published on the VATSIM CoC. 2. Non-event traffics will be granted lower priority. 3. Plan your fuel management wisely.
  14. until
    Come and join us this 10th May in collaboration with VATSIM Indonesia vACC with a short hop over the Malacca Strait! Penang, dubbed the Pearl Of The Orient and Malaysia's best food capital is a popular destination for medical tourism among Indonesians.
  15. until
  16. until
    This week's route is نڬارا بروني دارالسلام! In cooperation with VATSIM Singapore vACC, join us this Sunday on our Fully Staffed Event from Kuala Lumpur to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei! Taking place from 8pm MYT to 11pm MYT. More information for routes, charts and scenery to be published soon.
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